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Dietary inclusivity at Petals Tea room

Gluten Free options

At Petals we provide a selection of  gluten free cakes which regularly changes.

We don't just make brownies!

We have gluten free bread available for sandwiches along with sausage rolls and home made scones. (please contact us if you are visiting as we keep our scones frozen and they will take approximately 25 minutes to be ready so calling in advance is helpful and reduces your waiting time)

Our seasonal soups are generally gluten free, please check with your server for details

Please contact us to let us know if you are wishing to have a high tea to ensure we have all the elements necessary.

Vegan options

All of our fruit and plain scones are plant based and suitable for vegans, (we have vegan cheese if you would like a cheese scone so please state when ordering)

We also have a Daily vegan cake option

As with our gluten free customers our soups are often vegan.

Please check on ordering as we do use cream on serving but can exchange for plant based cream

Given notice, we can provide a Vegan high tea. Please contact us for details.


For our vegetarian customers we can ensure sandwiches are meat free and we will exchange the trifle in our high tea for an alternative as it contains gelatine.

(All subject to availability)

Please call or email us if you have specific dietary requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you.

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